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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Coastal Ride England and Wales - South of the Humber and Mersey

The ride for Dylan took place in the summer of 2009. Covering the the coast South from the Humber to and returning via the coast of Wales to the Mersey. The story has been rescued from my facebook page and I will fill in all the missing pieces later.
However the route is there and the mileage of the trip.....

The Appeal Mobile moped rides again for Sight for Dylan.

Dylan is a young baby boy from Liverpool who suffers from Septo-Optic Dysplasia
He needs stem cell treatment in China.
It will cost 40,000 pounds to take him there.
Details are on his website below
If you can help Dylan you can make a donation through his website.

Details of the Where's Harry ride are below.

A two week ride along the southern coast of England and Wales to Liverpool.
Below is the proposed route and stops, though these may be modified before the start

Leeds to Liverpool - 21 June 2009 Southern England Coastal Route In Aid of Sight For Dylan

Sun---21/6-----Leeds >Grimsby----------------88
Mon--22/6-----Grimsby >Cromer-------------152
Tue---23/6-----Cromer > Southend -----------163
Wed--24/6-----Southend > Rye----------------175
Thu--25/6-----Rye > Bournemouth------------160
Fri---26/6-----Bournemouth > Plymouth------168
Sat---27/6-----Plymouth > St Ives-------------140
Sun--28/6-----St Ives > Ilfracombe------------138
Mon--29/6----Ilfracombe > Gloucester---------154
Tue--30/6-----Gloucester > Tenby-------------173
Wed---1/7-----Tenby > Dolgelliau--------------165
Thur--2/7-----Dolgelliau > Nefyn----------------79
Fri----3/7-----Nefyn > Beaumaris---------------96
Sat----4/7-----Beaumaris > Liverpool----------103
Total Miles ------------------------------------1959
Total Days----------------------------------------14

Wednesday 24th June 2009

Harry Trow
What a start. 10 mins from the house and it broke down.
Thought there was something wrong with the fuel mixture (2-stroke) but it was the plug.
Delayed start andleft at seven. Got as far as Scunthorpe the first night and managed to find a good sleeper in the covered ramps leading up to the Leisure Centre. Got the bike and myself in there and slept from 12 to 4.
Frightened the life of an early worker when I jumped up from behind the wall at half four to spring into action.
The ride to cleethorpes was cold but a cup of coffee at a service station got me going.
Cleethorpes is an amazing beach that I never knew existed and is a blue flag. I would never go in the water there but for beach sports it looks great.
Onto Skegness and then round the Wash to Hunstanton where you can see the sun set in the west on the horizon.
Up to Wells on Sea and then Sheringham.
I would have stopped there but for the blasted little flies that seem to have a fascination with my hi-viz jacket.
Cromer was my stop Monday night and I slept in one of those sheltered bench areas.
Trouble was it was by the fishing boat launch pad and I was woken up by the tractor which was launching or pulling in the boats. Either that or it was drug smuggling.
The ride down to Yarmouth past the refinery/shell gas depot. Guarded by the ministry of defence Police. I never knew we had them.
Yarmouth is hot and sunny but have not warmed up enough yet to displace any clothing. Up dates coming soon.

follow on from Yarmouth

Left Yarmouth and was going really well .
Then the police stopped me for having a bike with 'dodgy' plates.
I was anticipating problems with that so I brought all relevant documents all stamped by DVLA which was enough for him.
I sped off half laughing but was stopped in my tracks by a lack of fuel.
I was intending to get some when I was stopped but rode off and forgot.
I pushed the bike for three miles even having the same officer stop me again for pushing the bike in the road.
Stopped for a toilet break in a layby and was helped by a guy on a Harley who drained a cup of fuel for me to get to the garage.
Bob Philips was the guy and he even pulled out a fiver for the cause.
The bike did about three miles and still hadn't reached the garage that was supposedly around the corner.
It ran out and Rio Ives and her mother Jane Ives came to the recue with a can of fuel that got me on the go again.
Southend was the target but approaching a small town called Malden I started having more engine trouble.
I leant over the bike to check the fuel and was stung through three layers of clothin by a big bugger of a bee.
I set off to get to Southend but alas 8 miles short the engine gave up.
So it was under a flyover bridge where I spent the night.
Next morning came the second bit of luck when Chris Appleby who held the water speed record in 1984 has a workshop at the back of the cafe I found.
Got the bike running and got scolded for being too cavalier with the bike, but got going nonetheless.
Had a brief cruise on the Woolwich ferry before making it to Hastings.
Rather fitting Harold rushing into Hastings. Unfortunately the bike was blown off it's stand by the wind and has broken the fairing bracket. Thank God gor bungee chords.
Had a great day Thursday in the warmth of the South coast and made it to Leo's and Paulines in Bournemouth where I am having a total refit.
Great and lovely people.
I am feeling the effects of lack of sleep so thats it for now

Made it all the way round to Lands End and then onto the North side of Cornwall and Devon to the Severn Bridge which I was allowed to use and save myself a hundred miles.
A stop in a bed in Cardiff and then onto Tenby and the Peninsulars before breaking down near Cardigan. Coil has blown and Ged is bringing me one down from Flint so I can get back on track.
Highlight apart from Lands End was meeting a class mate fomr my primary school near Clovelly.
Will give a full story on return.
See you in Liverpool

The bike spluttered the last 40 miles from Prestatyn and with the assistance of the police escort chugged to a stop at the fun day welcome back do.

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