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Friday, 1 July 2011

Sketches of Firenza and Toscana

Here are some of my sketches from Toscana. Started in Slovenia with a black pen before buying some pastels, the pictures of the drawings I'm waiting on. Then splashed out on oil pastels which I left at Piombino, so finished off with a black pen and 2 euro 50 box of wax crayons

Wax crayon and black marker

Bonconvento. Wax crayon/black marker

Massa Maritima - Wax Crayon/Black marker

 Firenza - Oil Pastel

Firenza - Oil Pastel

Firenza - OIl Pastel

Firenza - Wax Crayon/Black Marker

Wax Crayon/Black Marker
Wax Crayon/Black Marker
Wax Crayon

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