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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Homeward Bound to Start the Marina Dalglish Appeal

I was supposed to fly out on the 7th of this month to Italy and ride to Vienna to pick up a lift back to Liverpool in preparation for riding Scotland and Ireland. I unfortunately overslept and missed my flight.
So it is now July 14th I leave to start my return home with the bike to English shores.
It wasn't the original planfor ending this years rides, but the bike needs testing again in October and with losing 4 weeks in Italy with various problems I have decided to finish the year in cooler climes.

There are advantages to being close to home. No air fares ability to get back and deal with lifes events at short notice and to be able to carry some cooking equipment to save money.
I travel North to Nurnberg, where I will meet Flake who will transport me and the bike back overland.
I have only 4 days to intercept Flake as he travels to the channel and the distance is a mere 1thousand kilometres. In order to have a chance I will be doing 300 kilometres a day for three days. That might not sound a lot but for  a bike that has a max speed of 50km/hr and a route that takes me over the Bremer pass then I will have to ride about 12 hours a day. But it will save me a whole two weeks cross country and allow more time before I start the Scotland and Ireland section which I need to finish before the end of September.
So with a departure of 17.20 I doubt I will have any trouble making this flight

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