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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Was That a Twister Last Night (Santa Sofia)

I have made my way to Firenza/Florence through the mountains of Romagna and Tuscany.
Was held up for three days due to a puncture a Flouri which deflated my wallet more than the tyre.
Went for an excursion through the mountains from Premiscuoro to Santa Sofia over the highest road points there are.

Well it was listed as a road but in reality it was a trail with no tarmac, just boulders rocks and gullies.
The scenery was absolutely fantastic and unfortunately my disposable camera expired too early.
I stopped three nights in Santa Sofia to eek out what was left of my money but on Saturday was almost dry when Dominico, a pensioner who had been watching me came and offered me €10 to keep me going.
It was in the midst of a thunder storm and he came and searched me out.
Then yesterday I had a sign out English lessons for a euro.
I had been camped out by the river where there is a large grassed area and an over hang from the road above,
I earned 5 euros by talking to a guy who lys the cable in the Irish sea and has been in Liverpool.
After he went the usual sign of a thunderstorm prompted me to shelter under the overhang which reaches out about 9 feet for about 12 yards.
I should have taken notice of the rat emerging from a rain gulley and was running to share my shelter till I hurled a rock at it. It was fine for a while until I noticed the wind suddenly change direction and then all hell broke loose.
The rain started coming in horizontally and I had to crouch and use my jacket as a shield. Then it was hailstones, still coming horizontally and it was getting scary, as something hit me on the head as it flew past.
I decided to run for it.
The water was already a foot deep near me and when I turned the corner to run up the ramp it was like running up Niagra Falls.
I eventually made it to the toilets were I stripped off to find everyhting in my bag was just as wet.
Returned this morning to find branches and debri all over the place.

Will pull all these pieces together when I get time and get some pics and more details too

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Anonymous said...

you went to diga di ridracoli?