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Thursday, 30 June 2011

6 Days in Piombino and 5 Touring Tuscany

I finally departed Firenza a week last Friday after trying unsuccessfully to earn a bit of cash selling sketches I'd done there. My last evening was spent at the school of classical drawing after being alerted to a lecture open to the public with free wine. I found it very interesting as well as enjoying a couple of glasses of wine. There is a large English contingent of students there who I befriended and turned out to be great guys.

Thye journey to Piombino to meet up with Franco (paco Loco DJ Tribe) of the Italian Roadrunners was another great day riding the hills of Sout West Tuscany. I arrived in Piombino with no cash and no brakes. I stopped at Antonio's (Zoro) ranch on the hills at the back of Piombino. Two caravans a shack kitchen and outside loos and shower, but the tranquility was superb.
Paco and Zoro both liked there food and I soon realised that the most used word in Italian is Mangiare (to eat).

After existing on only a portion of Pizza for two weeks in Firenza, I did my best to keep up with the amount consumed over the weekend. Although I had no problem keeping pace with the alcohol.
Monday was spent searching for brake pads which we found for 10 euros but we decided to change the back tyre and that took rather longer.

The first place gave me a 2.25 when I needed a 2.50. We took it back and he then sent me a 2.17 On the wednesday we managed to get one ordered and had to wait till late till it arrived. I managed to pinch the tube when removing it or refitting it and within minutes it was flat. Too late to do anything so Thursday was back to have a patch put on. Money was draining out of my account and I can only think my bike insurance renewed on the wedneday as there was nothing left in the bank till Friday.

I was given a few gifts from Giuliano of the black road riders who run a repair centre in Piombino and were great guys, with some fantastic antique BSA's and Harleys sitting in the front of their shop.

Friday I was off to do some riding as I was getting itchy. It was too late to chip any miles off the route so I decided to tour around Tuscany till my flight back on Thursday. The route I took and the story will follow later, but was an absolutely great little tour which has led me back to Firenza where I think I'll hole up for the night before returning to the coast and Paco's house to park my bike till I return in two weeks
Due to losing the month because of my lost documents, I have decide to return to finish the Southern half of Italy including Sicily. Cross to Albania from Brindisi and completing Croatia and Montenegro etc, before heading up to the Holland coast and knock off that section. This will allow mw to do the coast of Scotland and Ireland through the winter and also re test the bike before going clockwise back to Greece next spring

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