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Friday, 17 March 2017

The US - Cuba Adventure (Part 1 San Francisco - Florida)

As you know I came to the US with the intention of buying and riding a bike on either side of a trip over to Cuba. It was a far cry from my original intention to ride the coast of South America, but in an attempt to get there by the cheapest flights, found myself arriving in California with no cheaper alternative to Lima, than I had originally discovered from Europe. Now I wouldn't call it a cluster f**k of events from there on in, but things never worked out as I intended, to say the least and while it was disappointing, it has been quite an experience with some downs and many ups, like meeting up with friends from back home and friends I had made on facebook, who insisted that I call in for a bed and a beer, in LA, Austin and Miami.
First stop in SF with Steve with a couple of the dogs on the beach. Really like this shot

Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Ride For Cuba

This years ride was intended to be Cuba. The usual criteria of selecting a charity and raising funds for that organisation after checking where and how those funds are apportioned and also to ascertain what percentage of those funds actually finish at the projects rather than used to administer the organisation.
However it became clear that purchasing a motorcycle in Cuba was not allowed for foreigners, so decided to ride a bike around the coast of the USA. This entailed being in the US for one month purchasing a bike and returning after a visit to Cuba to do my routine checks before actually fund raising
I bought a bike in San Francisco, which required some work before I departed to Miami which unfortunately proved to be too much and would have left me little time to make the journey. Instead I drove a 'drive away' from Seattle to Miami and am now stationed near the airport ready for my departure.
I have identified a charity, which is located in Miami
While it's mission statement is commendable, it's claims of the situation and it's influence in helping ordinary Cubans achieve a more open society are just that. There is no evidence to support these claims offered and I remain suspicious of whether it's sole aim is to undermine the island in a subversive manner.
My visit therefore will not be to see where the funds go, but to evaluate the situation there and see for myself on your behalf if the current situation is as portrayed by this organisation

Monday, 28 September 2015

Oslo and the Ride North to Nordkapp

 I had three days with the Von Bargens before flying home for my daughters wedding and decided to use the time to be productive in building them a new garden. It proved to be the beginning of a bigger project down the line which will be revealed in later postings.
Martin is originally from Liverpool, but got curious over his German roots and finished up teaching biology in an international school near Kiel, north of Hamburg. After transferring to a school in Sandvika, west of Oslo, he met his partner Sarah a Canadian from Ontario and now have a two year old son of their own called Lasse.

The Von Bargens
Martin prides himself on his scouse, a dish that is common to Liverpool people and used to describe people like myself. The dish though was originally a Norwegian dish called Lapskaus and was a low cost meal that was probably brought to Liverpool by sailors and became popular with the lower incomes working class of the city.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Long Ride to Norway

(photos to be added when I manage to download)

I left the Titanic Hotel a new man and flew out to Spain to visit the Moto Almuerzo at La Cisterniga near Valladolid. The Cisterniga Roadsters are old friends from my first ride seven years ago and while I was excited to visit them all, I was disappointed not to be arriving on a bike of my own.
I had made a decision to try and locate another Derbi so that I would have a cheap transport and a shed full of spares if needed. The search was fruitless, but I enjoyed a wonderful couple of days with the gang there, before heading back home to England.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Pride and Predjudice, the Scouse Version

My ride stagnated due to an attempt to ride my classic triumph TRW 500 side valve throughout Europe. After the bike broke down on the first day out which resulted in a major modification, I changed to another old bike to get the ride started, but after a couple of weeks, it became clear that neither bike was appropriate to ride on my £20 a day budget.

A decision was made to downsize and I decided to sacrifice the Triumph which sold at break even after all the expenditure of parts and cosmetic work. My ferry was booked and I had decided to do a 'walk on' rather than lose the money and visit the motoalmuerzo with Cistérniga Roadsters near Valladolid North of Madrid until I got a call from the 30 James Street Hotel in Liverpool, to tell me that I had won a night for two plus champagne gala dinner at their hotel.

Friday, 3 April 2015

I set off last week on the Triumph and got as far as I did a month ago when I broke down, with what I thought was a burnt out clutch. The real cause of the smoking engine was in fact the alternator which is now cinderised. I returned home, sorted the magneto out on the Cagiva and set off once more. It was a blessing in disguise as it was my second attempt to call in on Mark Muirhead, but he has been having a few issues after moving house and it wasn't the best of times to visit. I instead headed for Ben Carley in Denbigh, in North Wales.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The North West of England Visits

Well the ride got underway this week, after a stuttering start and now is the time to start writing about it.
I will start with my departure point, which is in Bradford. Saltaire to be precise which is a national heritage area. Saltaire is a model village built for the workers at Ebenezar Salts Carpet mill. The estate is a compact estate of terrace houses and some bungalows.. While Ebenezar was an abstantee with no pubs on the estate, there is now a healthy variety of dinking holes and wine bars and cafes and the mill is home to the Hockney Gallery.
The Leeds Liverpool |Canal at Saltaire
IIt is a lovely part of the world both for living and for visiting with Ilkley Moor only two odd miles away and some of the worlds best curry houses nearby. We all remember the famous song - 'On Ilkley Moor bar t'at'. (On Ilkley Moor without the hat)
It is within easy reach of the Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors and if that's not enough Bradford has a Sam Smiths pub where you can get the best stout in England for £2.20 I am fortunate that I live with a great couple who are actually older than me and I happen to live in a garden they paid me to install. Kevin Atlins and Inger who is of Danish descent are a great couple and Ingers Herring Xmas's are a delight. There is Herrings with mustard, herrings in curry, herrings in tomatoe, herrings in brine, herrings in herrings....
Kevin is an ex journalist who is a stroke victim the both of them spend their lives filling the cardboard recycling bin. The bottle recycle bin I manage to fill with Kevins help. They are very supportive and tolerant of my oily hands all over the kitchen and have sent me off with a wonderful donation to Project Mala

Monday, 9 March 2015


After struggling to sort out a mess of a clutch cover modification from previous owners I have reluctantly parked the Triumph while waiting for parts to be delivered and am instead setting off around the north west of England on my Cagiva SST 350 single cylinder two stroke. It is another old bike from 1980 but has an element of fun about it nonetheless.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

14 Days to Departure

My 2015 ride is fast approaching. The intention is to visit all FB friends who have subscribed to the event. The rules of the event are that if you subscribe to the event, I will pay you a visit for a drink and a chat. It will cost you £10/€. If you aren't there when I visit, it will cost you £/€20 and if I don't get there it will cost me £20. All proceeds to Project Mala The ride will be on my Triumph 500cc side valve twin. The engine is a 1955 and the frame is a 1960.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

2015 Project

This years project is unique.
I hope to travel all of Europe and visit all my social network friends for the benefit of the Project I work for

If you wish me to call in on you for a beer or coffee let me know your location and  phone number


Due to injuries and other commitments, during 2015, I will be looking to visit every facebook friend of mine in Europe on my 1955 Triumph 500cc side valve. As you know I ride for charity so everyone I visit will need to donate £10 to my charity Project Mala. If you can't meet me then I expect you to double it and if I can't get to you I will donate £20 to the cause. Let me know if you are available this year for a visit and a beer. I also do not look for assistance in this as regards accommodation or expenses, as I will be self funding and living in my own unique way. All money raised will go the project. I look forward to seeing you in 2015

Monday, 20 October 2014

Today I Bought Appealmobile Mark III

I have just bought my new appealmobile. The Mark III version. It's not really new as you can see in the photograph, but hopefully this is the bike which will take me around the coast of the USA in 2016 as well as uncompleted coasts of Europe

You can see the bike here, but when it comes to the States it will have a new livery.

I have to say I am really excited, especially having missed a great deal of the summer with my injury.
I still have a lot of work to do with logistics of my other bikes in selling moving etc, but with the good help of a good friend of mine in Baltimore I am sure I can negotiate all obstacles in my path

First of all ride wise I still have a cycle expedition in India and the South East Asia ride to fulfil.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

A Tale of Two Cities

I haven't written for a while due to a crash back home on my own personal bike, that left me with a broken collar bone and severe bruising and ligament damage. The insurance has not been settles and so I am back on public transport, of which I used to go to the football (soccer) game yesterday in Liverpool. After the game I went for my usual drinks with friends back at the Barlows Arms, a small pub supporters frequent before and after the game.

Friday, 22 August 2014

How Far Would You Ride to School

Although I ride small motor bikes around the coast of the world, I will be breaking from this mode of transport for a couple of weeks for a project that has captured my heart and soul. That project is Project Mala, a small organisation that strives to emancipate children in Uttar Pradesh in Northern India.
I came across the project last year and was impressed by the English founded project that provides schooling and education to some of the poorest children in the region. On visiting the project one of the things that amazed me was, the dedication and determination of the children to attend school and to achieve good results. Many of the children travel great distances by bicycle, often up to twenty five kilometres morning and afternoon, so It seemed only natural to put aside motorised transport on my next visit and take to the traditional one speed, sit up and beg Hercules bike that is so common in this country as a means of transport.
It has been a long time since I was able to ride a bike, even though, I used to ride 100 miles a day when I was a teenager. But if a small child can ride a bicycle to school and back everyday, then it's my challenge to ride a similar distance daily to visit the school again, while raising awareness and much needed funding in aid of the project.
The Hercules bike I will be riding