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Monday, 12 September 2011

Al Pacino Speech for Luca Jones

On Wedneday morning I set off for Ireland via Liverpool, to ride around the coast, over the following two weeks.
I was not intending doing any more rides this year as in the words of Bruce Springstein, I have debts that no honest man can pay, but being made aware of Luca Jones plight, I felt I had to go that extra mile. 2,000 extra miles in fact and the way the weather is and the way I do my rides living on the street, it will be a test of my endurance.
Going that extra mile reminds me of that Al Pacino speech when he asks who will give that extra inch, and I ask anyone who is reading this blog if they can give that extra inch for Luca and for the Anthony Nolan Charity. Or if you are not in England contact the registry in your country. (Link banner above)
How can we go that extra inch?
Well applying to be a donor is one way any young men 18-30 can, but if you are as Al Pacino says,you are too old, then how much extra can you donate in money to the charity to fund the processing of bone marrow donors, or if you have younger and eligible relatives and friends, then discuss the value and virtue of being a donor.
We are as Al says a team and we all can get involved and change the outcome, not of the game but of a life. Someones life whose only chance may be a bone marrow transplant.
watch the clip and be inspired

That team of young men would be off to register, if that was a speech about Bone Marrow Transplants.
If I was young enough I would too.
In the meantime I can only ask you to go that extra inch for Luca.

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