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Monday, 12 March 2012

English v Spanish v German Businesses, and the winner is...

Peparing the Derbi for the ride to Barcelona and suddenly noticed that the contacts or points as we know them are non existent. I had already found the wires bared at the back of the stator plate and looked no further. It was only when I returned to sort them out I realised I had done about 10K kms since I replaced them last. I could have noticed this earlier had I not been working flat out on a language website in aid of UNICEF listen-here which is a great resource for learners of most European major languages, including English.
I realised I had to act quickly as I still need to MOT the bike and I have only 4 weeks left to departure. I spent time trying to source them in England and no luck in spite of finding an old Vespa website. I don't know what's the problem with English businesses. You would think in the present economic crisis they would be jumping all over an enquiry into parts, but no. No response to my enquiry and I was left contacting my Spanish spares business.
Now if English businesses are bad then the Spanish are worse. The reason I never went straight to the place where I know I can get them, is because they only deal in bank transfers, which cost €20. I have a freind in Madrid who can transfer for less so, onto facebook for his help. The response is even worse. I forgot they don't post outside of Spain. Probably because if things go missing it's less hassle. For the sake of pay pal and a credible delivery insurance I have now got two third paries acting for me just to have a small packet sent to my house. 21st century eh.
The only good news is that I found a swinging arm on e-bay for my other bike in Germany. No issues there. Paypal and European delivery and I know it will be here in the next few days.
Meanwhile back at the ranch I await the parts so I can get the bike up and running.
I still need lights sorting and at least two tyres and maybe a front brake disc. None of which I will know until it is running and down to the MOT station.
Serves me right for getting side tracked on other issues I suppose but there you go

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