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Monday, 18 November 2013

India. A Different Kind of Challenge

With just over two weeks remaining to my departure for my India ride and following ride of Australia, anxieties are creeping in.
The challenge of this adventure, is in the cost saving excercise, I must undertake while out there, for while my European adventure also entailed living frugally to accomplish the journey, I was always within striking distance of home on a cheap Ryanair flight, which would at most cost me fifty pound sterling.

I leave as always with nothing in reserve in my bank, with only my weekly paid state pension to exist on. The idea is to save money while riding this fascinating country so that I have enough to buy a flight to Australia from Dehli and also a flight from Australia out of there, to anywhere whose cost of living is cheap enough to save further to get home. It's a daunting task and one which is giving me a headache, for I have a modest bike at home, which will be sitting there doing nothing for six months and I wonder should I sell it now as a reserve, should I fail in my plan. I hoped to keep the bike, a Kawasakin GPZ 500 so that I had a proper bike to ride, on return, as the wander lust lasts long after touching base.

I have three days to make that decision, before launching it on e-bay.

This is occupying my thoughts at the moment and avoiding me from confronting the normal anxiety of departure to an unknown country, well to me anyway.

What can I expect there? Where will I sleep? Can I sleep rough as I have in my other rides? Will I find banking easy between the cities?

No amount of research can re-assure me that all will be well. I can only land and deal with issues as they arise. One thing is for sure and it is, that I am excited beyond belief to get to visit a couple of countries I would not be able to visit unless I travelled in this manner. I will also meet some wonderful people as my travel around the coast of Europe demonstrated to me.

For the one thing, that I am always sure about, is that there is a wonderful will of people to meet people from other places and to share their lives and experiences of life and to befriend strangers so they are no longer a stranger.

Now back to decision making. 

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