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Monday, 24 March 2014

I'm Just the Jockey

I have had enough reasons to quit Australia, with two thefts, including my passport which has complicated the acquisition of the bike and then the death of my brother in the Philippines. However there are some people that won't let you quit and will step in so that I won't leave here without realising at least part of the ride.

Two people or one person and a band of four have helped me no end in achieving part of my planned ride. One of those is Swannie who has sorted out my duplicate road worthy certificate that went missing when my bag was stolen, the second was Eva McGowan and associates who offered me there garden equipped with tent and bedding and access to all amenities.

I have always maintained that I am only a jockey in the quest to ride the coasts of the world on 20 GBP per day and that the real heroes are the ones who turn the obstacles over and keep the ride going. So with bike issues nearly resolved and at least some privacy to re-energise myself, I will set off to ride a figure eight to Sydney and Brisbane which will incorporate the mountains to the West.

To all those, Swannie, Eva Alex and Phill, I thank you for all your help.

I would also like to thank Home Travellers Motel who have also supported me in accessing their facilities too  and the comfort some of my travelling friends offered me at my time of loss.

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