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Thursday, 7 May 2020

Slugfest in Support of the NHS

This was the year I was re-energising after an accident and a year recovering my bike
However the lockdown made sure this was enforced.
It did help me to find other ways to support charities and I designated myself to use what crazy imagination I have to raise funds for our workers in the NHS who are working without sufficient PPE.
While I believe the government should be providing the adequate safety for our workers, now is not the time to argue but to do our best to make sure they are protected

The project and task I set myself was to complete 25 coloured illustrations of cartoons based on the life of a slug. Please enjoy and if you appreciate my efforts, please donate for this essential support for our frontline workers.
Well I actually completed 30 cartoons and self published as PDF and E-book for download. I also had printed A5 booklets in full colour which are also available to purchase at the link below. I am leaving just the two cartoons as a flavour below the buddhist Gardiners newsletter

Purchase here Slugfest in aid of NHS key workers suffering PTSD

But first a little flyer from The Buddhist Gardeners. Cartoons follow after this

The Buddhist Gardeners Club

The 2020 Slug Slinging Event

 Hello everyone and welcome to this years competition. Enrties must be submitted by end of May with photographs iof all slugs complete with number, location of launch and date launched.
A quick reminder of the rules.

Every slug slung must return before the end of the eleventh month after launch. If not arrived back before the end of the eleventh month, they will be presumed dead, no longer, extinguished and you will be disqualified from this years competition.

The winner will be the slinger of the last slug that arrives back. (remember all slugs must arrive back to qualify.)

Tips for newbies

Types of slingers

The spade and the trowel - quite effective but we strongly recommend wetting the spade as often the slug does not leave the surface and finishes up falling back down the cleavage of an open neck shirt and in some cases splat in the eye of the slinger.

The Catapult.- Wonderful for creating distance but may overshoot the distance a slug needs to return home.
Also a very big danger of hitting a flying bird or an immovable object. While this may be regarded of the said creatures as their Karma it is also yours too in your next life. Be careful.

Plastic 12" ruler - A cheap alternative, but be aware if the ruler snaps the slug could backfire into the slingers mouth. Also even though they are all Buddah nature, you may make skin to slug contact with the slimey fuckin bastads, so at your peril.

All thos unpleasant events are as the Great John Lennon said "Instant Karmas gonns get you"

Let us know if you are thinking of making your own. Last year Samantha engineered a compressed air cannon. Unfortunately the slugs weren't too impressed and demoleculised on launch. Bad Karma Samantha, never mind you might be able to fix it if you feed the poor for the rest of your life.

As I say we have slug face recognition so if you are caught cheating, we imagine you'll come back in your next life as a lettuce leaf and be eaten alive by some of these filthy fuckin slime balls.... er I mean Buddha natures creatures

So long everyone and best of luck.
Yout chairman
Dahli Lama

Voluntary donation click here

Enjoyed it so far.Books available here Slugfest 
All proceeds in support of NHS key workers suffering PTSD and other mental health issues
NHS Support appeal


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