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Friday, 29 July 2011

I Don't Want a Medal but 4 Days to Payday and I Gave my Last £10 to

No I don't want a medal, but yes I gave my last £10 to the Famine crisis at UNICEF.
It wasn't that difficult a choice. I knew that I had friends and relatives, who I could call on to give me sustenance, while I waited for my next pension check.
The people of East frica, caught up in the drought famine, haven't got that facility and are totally dependant on aid from other countries and charities.
Every six minutes a child is dying from hunger and while that is happening I am horrified by deaths in Norway and even have time to discuss the tragedy of Amy Weinhouse. Meanwhile the story of East Africa drops down the pecking order of the editors newsworthy list.
Yes a child dies every six minutes, and unlike the tragedy in Norway, this is something I can help prevent and something I want to help with, even at the risk of being uncomfortable in my own existence, while relying on my friends yet again.
I am sure you do too, or you wouldn't be reading this page, but out of three thousand visitors who have viewed this blog, I haven't seen one donation as a result of reading my story.
Now that may be through many reasons.
People may donate to other issues and feel they are doing there bit, or maybe they don't have enough cash in the bank at that moment.
Let me ask you. Do you have one pound, one dollar or one euro in your pocket?
That samll amount which is less than a cup of coffee, a third of the cost of a beer or glass of wine or the price to park your car at a meter in the city centre, can make a big difference in helping to save at least one child in Africa. Either in food aid or vaccination against killer diseases.
Isn't that worth doanting for?
If so, then why not go to my unicef page and donate what you can and make a difference

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