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Monday, 1 August 2011

I Was Hungry and He Gave Me £10

There was another time when I was broke in Santa Sofia in North Italy. I had suffered a puncture on the way there, which consumed two days of my 20 euro a day  budget.
I decided to anchor up and eek out the four days of the week before my next pension cheque.
I was camped by the side of the river in a scultural representation of a fishing village and decided to try and earn a couple of euros teaching English.
I put a card advertising my 'language lessons'on my bike which was parked by a bar in a busy area and retreated to my gear at the river side.
Hours passed and no one approached.
It was seven in the evening when the skies darkened and a thunderstorm broke.
I took shelter under a canopy which was the pavement of the road above.
An elderly gentleman with brolly suddenly appeared down the ramp from the road and approached me.
Surely not for an English lesson I thought, maybe to complain about me loitering there.

NO! This lovely guy, who I discovered to be Dominico, had clocked me as being broke and hungry and came in the rain to offer me ten euros for food.

You would too if you saw someone hungry. You can at my unicef page

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