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Sunday, 11 September 2011

When Carra is Past it What Will He Do?

It's tough for any player who nears the end of his career and knows he hasn't got the legs for the level he'd like to play. Dropping down a few divisions is most players way of extending a career to keep getting their Saturday fix of football, but with Carra I just can't see him dropping down a division to any other team.
I expect Carra to stay in contention for a bit as a back up and then as a coach and I would imagine that will be at Liverpool. I don't know obviously, but I am sure of one thing .
Jamie will support the next generation of player after he himself has gone beyond usefullness to the team and the squad.

Life in a way is no different to football and Carras example can be followed by us all.
When we are no longer useful in taking part, because of our age or weakness, then all that is left, is to support the next generation, those younger replacements and recruits who will carry the baton on our behalf.

Bone Marrow donation is one of those areas. The best donors are young fit and healthy males between the ages of 18 and 30. Although people up to the age of 40 are considered.
It is quite demoralising when you can't contribute because of your age, when all you want to do is give something to save a life, but there is one way we can give in the same way Carra will, with younger defenders who take over. Support them.
For every bone marrow donor registered on the Anthony Nolan register, a hundred pounds or more is required to process that registration. This is where we, the has beens such as myself, the aunt twackies, the wrinklies or just the mid crisis buy a motorbike/classic car brigade are in our element.
It doesn't take much for us as we don't hit the town as much as those green behind the ears lot and we don't have the same expensive tastes or the need to impress a young bird by flashing the cash.
In fact I bet even the most hard up pensioner like myself can afford a one off donation of a tenner now and then just to support those younger 'kids' who are prepared to donate their bone marrow to save a life.

Lets do a future Jamie Carragher, in fact lets NIKE IT and JUST DO IT and donate what you can to the Anthony Nolan Cancer Charity through Dani Lawrences, (partner of Brad Jones) just giving page at:-

Afterwards we can then spread the word to all our youner male relatives and friends to get registered with thw Anthony Nolan

Brad Jones son Luca is in need of stem cell treatment from bone marrow transfusion

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