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Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Male Fantasy

You are out walking along a river bank, when you see a young child in the distance trying to retrieve his ball from the fast flowing river.
Your eyes zoom in, as you see the dangers the child is facing, when in an instant he is in the water and being swept along in the fast current.
You scan the river behind you as the boy is being swept along in your direction and you can see an overhanging branch of a tree that reaches out across the water.
You aren't a good swimmer and you have no idea how deep the water is but you run to the spot where the branch protrudes and walk into the water holding the branch and mange to intercept the boy as he is swept along. Clutching his collar and holding the branch you drag him to the side and realise he isn't moving but after lying him face down and pushing on his rib cage, he splutters the water from his lungs and starts breathing, just as his parents arrive.

You are a hero and appear in the local papers, recieve an award although that isn't as important to you, as knowing, that if it wasn't for you a young child would have died.

Very dramatic and a scenario that is has as much chance of happening as winning the lottery, but there are other ways, equally important and in scenarios of saving a someones life.

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