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Monday, 28 November 2011

Lucas Leiva the Man

When this scrawny young man arrived from Gremio, heralded as a box to box midfielder, everyone waited with baited breath to see the wonder kid from Brazil.
Apart from Rafa Benitez and a hard core of supporters, the anticipation went like a lead baloon.
But it's not his football qualities and ability I want to mention here.

There was much howling when Rafa persisted in playing him. The message boards and forums were full of bewilderment from people who have difficulty describing the shape of a football.
There was a game when he was booed, and while I count myself fortunate to be a Lucas fan from day one, I am not going to be one those who told you so after the performance against Man City.
I know why he has reached the standard of performances I knew he was capable of, and I would love to tell everyone why, even after they ignored the reasons I gave in his early career with us.
Instead I would like to focus on the qualities of Lucas the Man instead.
There have been times through his early career that I would not have blamed the lad for wanting out.
Frankly the abuse he recieved from the most knowledgable fan base in the world was atrocious.
Lucas has never done anything than his best for the club.
Never once said a word out of place.
Never once criticised a manager and yet he had one that deserved criticism.
Instead Lucas has clawed his way back from every adverse criticsm of his game and wore the shirt with a pride above and beyond what would be required from someone of a different origin.
He has tweeted, always with a respect to the support base even though half were opposed to his inclusion in the team.
I have followed his tweets and messages and everyone of them has been above reproach.
Why hasn't this man from Brazil sought pastures new is beyond me.
I wouldn't have blamed him if he did, and I wioll not blame him or be disappointed in him when he decides to say goodbye to Liverpool for pastures new.
One thing that stands out for me is that he has worn that shirt with as much reverance as Jamie Carragher and Stevie Gerrard. He has honoroured his contract and I hope if we offer him another one he will sign, but as I say if he turns it down I would not complain, and neither should any of the supporters who woud have accepted any bid for the man two years ago. He has been as loyal a servant as any scouser in the team and done so under some bewildering criticism.
Kucas, you are a real gentleman and as far as I am concerned an honory scouser.
Nerves of steel and a heart of gopld.
I hope ypou stay as long as you can put upp with us,

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