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Friday, 25 November 2011

2012 - In Memory of Luca Jones -The Schedule

It was devastating to hear the news of little Lucas passing.
That feeling of helplessness which must be felt a hundred fold by those who work tirelessly to find donors around the world to help people like Luca.
I call him a person because not all sufferers of blood cancers are children, but it has a bigger impact on us when we hear the news of a young person losing the battle.
The advice I recieved was to keep on working to recruit donors everywhere and anywhere.
Although new to the campaign it has touched me no less and I have committed myself to exploring evry opportunity to raise awareness especially with young men as to registering as a donor.
I have already been to Spain to kickstart a campaign for an international bikers day for Luekaemia and Bone Marrow Donation.

My idea is that bikers clubs ride out on Easter Sunday each year on a blue ribbon ride to encourage males to register. Easter Sunday seems very appropriate and symbolic with the starting of new life.
It is early days and I am only sowing the first seeds in the biker community.
It might not happen for next year but I am certain it will happen eventually.
But what of my rides.
Well inorder to keep involved with the biker community and make more contacts, I will be attending Los Pinguinos in Valladolid in North Spain in mid January.
It is usually extremely cold and most times is covered in Snow.
Three days of camping there, not to mention the week either side getting there when I will be doing my usual 'sleep rough' routine to raise awareness of the homeless situation.

I will then spend a couple of months thawing out before setting off on Easter Sunday from Normandy to Cap Norte Norway, to arrive there on mid summers day.
In the midst of that ride I will be taking a short excursuion to Barcelona for the 90th aniversary of Derbi.
It has been pointed out that my presence there may do some good in continuing my rides as every big boss od Derbi (Piaggio) will be there.

After arriving at Cap de Norte I will make a decision whether I head straight to Ukraine to finish off the black sea and Greece, Croatia etc.

My daughter moving to New Zealand has steered my ambition to ride Alaska to Chile towards a different challenge.

I will instead ride the two New Zealand Islands next October/November and if I can manipulate a situation and a bike, I will be riding around the coast of Australia in a tribute to Luca. That is why it is so important to be in Barcelona for the Derbi Meet Up.

If I can wangle a bike from them for that ride then it's on. A 125cc will do me for that with a trailer of course.

In the meantimeI'd like you to have a moment to think of Luca and how you might help the Bone Marrow register

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