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Monday, 9 April 2012

Life doesn't always go to plan

I should be in North France now en route to Barcelona.
Unfortunately, I had problems with the bike compounded by losing my cash card which would have made it impossible to set off.
The bike just wouldn't run with full power in spite of replacing points and condensor. I am certain at this moment that it is the coil. Until I receive my new card I can't order a new one unless I get the help of a friend to pay by card and I'll give the cash.
So Instead of riding the North of France and down to Barcelona, I will be setting off in the first weeks of May via Plymouth Santander Valladolid and Madrid to arrive at the Derbi 90th anniversary.

It looks like a good weekend is in store at the circuit de Catalunya and I will be ploughing the little ole machine around the circuit at a tremendous 50km/hr on the big day.
Straight after I am off to Cape North to see the midnight sun. However I will be going direct to make sure I don't miss it. This will entail riding the East coast of Sweden before cutting north to the cape.
I will then return down the western coast and all the way down to Normandy before parking up in preparation for the big one.
Updates will be coming quicker now so stay tuned

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