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Friday, 4 May 2012

Seven Days to the Luca Jones Memorial ride

Well after post-phoning my ride to Barcelona and on to Cape North Norway, I am now only seven days to go before departure.
I have encountered a lot of problems with the bike mostly due to the lighting coil burning out in the magneto. This after spending three weeks sorting out the running. Hopefully my new bobbin arrives on Monday so I can at last MOT the thing and get it moving along on it's mission to ride the whole coast of Europe before retiring it.
The cause I am riding for is as usual UNICEF but also riding in memory of Luca Jones, the son of Brad Jones the Liverpool keeper. Luca lost his fight last year when no bone marrow donors were found to match his need.
The problems exist for many more people who are searching for donors and I intend to wear my hi-vis jacket appealing for donors in each country I pass through.
The register for donors is linked throughout the world, which means a match may be found outside of your own country, so no matter where you live it is imperative that people register, especially if you are male and aged 18-30 years old.

The ride begins in Bradford and heads down to Plymouth to cross to Santander. On to Valladolid to see friends who helped me when I rode for Ray Kennedy. Through to more friends in Madrid mainly from the Madrid branch of the Liverpool supporters and also friend at Atleti. Then race to Barcelona for the 90th anniversary of Derbi motorbikes.

My departure on the 27th of May from Barcelona will be a three and a half week haul through France Germany, Denmark Sweden and then up to Cape North for the midnight sun, before following the coast of Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland Belgium and North coast of France as far a Cherbourg, before crossing the channel to return home.
It will take approximately 7 weeks to complete and as usual I will be sleeping rough to do the journey on my £20 daily allowance.

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