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Friday, 25 January 2013

Mad Dogs And Englishmen

Go out in the mid-day sun.
And we do because we are stupid not mad. I am no different and although I will not be riding my 50 cc Derbi FDX in the midday sun I will be riding in the midsummer's sun for one whole year.

The ride is a follow the sun ride which will begin in July 2013 in Italy, following the coast of the Mediterranean sea and the Black sea up to the border of Ukraine and Russia, onto Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan/Nepal to North India.
From there the intention is to ride the West coast of India to the south, where I will take a break to fly to Australia. In Australia the plan is to acquire a bike and circumnavigate Australia, stopping at the most southern point of Australia (fittingly the most southern town is called Darby) in their mid-summer before flying back to India.
Once re-united with my bike, in Southern India, I will ride back north with the sun along the east coast back through Nepal to Russia and then cross land to Cape North (Cabo de Norte) in Norway for the Midsummers day in the Northern Hemisphere.
A return along the coast of Norway, Denmark and Germany before returning to England twelve months after leaving.
I expect to be pretty sun tanned by then and may not be recognisable as the person who set off a year earlier.

My previous rides have always had an endurance element to them, sleeping rough, living on a bare pittance to get me round. This time though I will naturally have to have a mix of hostel and tent. There are many more expenses such as visas and breakdowns to budget for.

If you are part of an organisation who may feel that this ride could benefit you in publicity or promotion of your organisation, this is your opportunity to be involved.

I am looking for basic support sponsorship from any organisation in return for the daily reporting of the ride.
You will have full ownership of the detail of the events that unfold.
It may be an international business that you wish to promote or a charity or issue that you are promoting, but you will have 12 months of awareness of your cause headlined on the blog.

Interested? Then contact me Harry on

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