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Thursday, 5 September 2013

India Beckons

As my last post indicated, I wanted to ride to India and ride the coast line of that great country.
Instead the plan has been modified, but is developing for a coastal ride there starting in December.

The revised plan is to fly to India and buy a bike which will be of use to a wonderful organisation, that delivers education to blind children in India.
The organisation is the The Vidyavrikshah Organisation
The plan is to fly to India and ppurchase a bike there that is suitable for their needs. Once ridden around the coast of India, I will donate the bike to the organisation to help them deliver their wonderful service to blind children in India.
There are many other needs they have and I will be trying to help them in thos matters too with appeals for money so they can purchase essential equipment.

The Ride.

I will be flying into Mombai at the beginning of December and will then ride down the coast to the tip of India and hopefully cross to Sri Lanka, before taking a break to fly to Australia to see my daughter.
She is living in Perth so I hope to make a ride with a bike purchased there form Perth to Cairns, before flying back to India to resume my ride up the East coast and then back across to Mombai, to depart for England again.

There are visas to apply for , my flight to book, innoculations to be had, but I will be updating on the progress once a week till December.

If you wish to support the  The Vidyavrikshah Organisation click here to go to their presentaion and means to support.

Thankyou and see you next week

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