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Monday, 7 October 2013

Racism Fighting and KFC

I was unfortunate last night to be involved in a fight with a racist in the KFC in my area. Weird, as I can't remember ever going into a KFC ever in my life, except maybe to accompany a friend.
I was aware of a couple of drunks in my pub who sent a glass smashing across the road, but it was only when I went to the supermarket that I realised they were in the KFC.
I decided to watch them through the window and even made contact, with signs, with the guy on the counter to let him know, I was keeping an eye on the situation.
It was pretty obvious the situation was tense so I decided to plant myself in the shop to hopefully diffuse the situation.

Alas after a couple of minutes of standing there, I heard one of the guys call the assistant, a young Asian woman, a n****r. I can't abide that, so voiced my horror which resulted in this guys friend turning on me. I was a disgrace to England and an embarrassment, all of which I had heard before when in defence of minorities against bullying.
The guy was in my face and I thought he was going to head butt me but as I turned my face away a punch came, knocking my glasses off across the counter.
It only took a few seconds for me to come to terms with the event before I launched an attack on the cowardly bully.
The end result was that all three of them fled the scene after one was heavily bruised around the face hopefully.
I will pursue a prosecution of the man who assaulted me and also the man who racially abused the young woman.

Now I hate racism which is basically bullying and wonder if there was another way I could have dealt with the situation without it resulting in a fight.

I am more than capable of handling myself physically, but what if they were armed? I could have been one more casualty in the fight against injustices.
The one thing that is certain in my mind is not to turn away from these situations.

While I was observing from outside the shop, the thought occurred to me, why not just call the police?  Let them deal with it.

I guess it comes to the individual and how they feel. If you feel helpless and unable to step in and protect the individual being bullied or abused, then extricate yourself and call an agency such as the police to deal with it.

If you are confident the individuals causing the abuse are not a threat to your life then stand in the way or between the object of their hatred.

But I hope that nobody just turns around and goes home hoping that all will be fine in the end.

These people are generally cowards and need to be stood against or we will all cower in a corner frightened and scared to be who we are.

Whatever you decide to do, do it, it is better than doing nothing

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