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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Two Months to go and I Know Some Wonderful People

I can't believe I only started this appeal just over a week ago.
Already I am within two GBP off £400 in donations. It humbles me when I see such generosity and belief in the organisations I highlight in need of our help.

But what about the ride. These people committed their hard earned cash on a promise that I will carry out the project, which is to fly to a country I have never been before, buy a motorbike that I have no knowledge of and set off along the coast of a great country without any prior knowledge of the customs and issues I may face. Yes there is endless information on the internet, but nothing can prepare you for what may happen out in the countryside when you are alone with a limited budget of a state pension.

So far I have booked a ticket to Mumbai, courtesy of my daughter, that I will repay before I leave and booked two nights in a hostel in Mumbai. I have paid for my visa yet still have to travel to Edinburgh to submit it and return later to collect. I still have inoculations to receive.

I imagine I will need more than two nights to find the bike that will be suitable for the small budget I have set and which will carry me on this long journey, but am confident I will find one within a week.

Not only have I got to prepare for the ride, I also have to prepare for tidying up in England before I go. I have a number of bikes that I have to sell or garage  before I depart these shores for four months, apart from a multitude of other considerations.

But one thing I am sure of is the support of some wonderful people that I know and even more wonderful people I am about to meet.

Including the wonderful people who are managing the project mala on the ground.

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