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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

14 Days to Departure

My 2015 ride is fast approaching. The intention is to visit all FB friends who have subscribed to the event. The rules of the event are that if you subscribe to the event, I will pay you a visit for a drink and a chat. It will cost you £10/€. If you aren't there when I visit, it will cost you £/€20 and if I don't get there it will cost me £20. All proceeds to Project Mala The ride will be on my Triumph 500cc side valve twin. The engine is a 1955 and the frame is a 1960.

Originally it was in army colours, but I am in the process of transforming the colour scheme and making modifications for a luggage carrier and tool box. The tool box will house a camping gas burner to brew up on the way. I will be covering all of Europe and the Channel Isles, including Cape North in Norway where I have a friend in Tromso and Turkey, as well as Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden and Germany

I have spent much time fitting an old windscreen and lately spraying the frame and tank etc. I still need to modify the seat to a more comfortable padding. Here it is in the half way stage. It is a bike I will be proud to nurse and cajole throughout the trip. If you live on mainland Europe and would like to meet me for a drink, please feel free to e-mail me . I will be in the west of Europe till June and then the East and north after that.

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