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Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Ride For Cuba

This years ride was intended to be Cuba. The usual criteria of selecting a charity and raising funds for that organisation after checking where and how those funds are apportioned and also to ascertain what percentage of those funds actually finish at the projects rather than used to administer the organisation.
However it became clear that purchasing a motorcycle in Cuba was not allowed for foreigners, so decided to ride a bike around the coast of the USA. This entailed being in the US for one month purchasing a bike and returning after a visit to Cuba to do my routine checks before actually fund raising
I bought a bike in San Francisco, which required some work before I departed to Miami which unfortunately proved to be too much and would have left me little time to make the journey. Instead I drove a 'drive away' from Seattle to Miami and am now stationed near the airport ready for my departure.
I have identified a charity, which is located in Miami
While it's mission statement is commendable, it's claims of the situation and it's influence in helping ordinary Cubans achieve a more open society are just that. There is no evidence to support these claims offered and I remain suspicious of whether it's sole aim is to undermine the island in a subversive manner.
My visit therefore will not be to see where the funds go, but to evaluate the situation there and see for myself on your behalf if the current situation is as portrayed by this organisation

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