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Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Homeless Everywhere

It seems rather fitting that it's nearly a year since that week in France eating bread left for the birds, but this weekend I am going to Valladolid to the Los Pinguinos a motorcyclists rally.

My primary objective is to recruit for bone Marrow donation, but as it involves camping out in Freezing temperatures I am including the homeless campaign too.
Another friend has informed me that there is another meet the following weekend to the west of Valladolid so that's two meetings of bikers to target.

So it has now taken on a relevance for the homeless, as I have just discovered, due probably to excessive alcohol intake over Christmas and an order for some bike bits, that my account is short of the £150 quid I thought I had, which is a weeks income for me.
That has left me no cash for the week ahead, so my mission is to haul in some cash to at least have a meal while there and a few cans and live the following week as a tramp until the next meet the weekend after. 

Its then a matter of hitching back to England for the city game.

Don't forget the struggle of the genuine homeless lads.
It really is a desperate situation some people find themselves in, often through no fault of their own

I have been there voluntarily and not so voluntarily on a number of occasions

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