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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Redesigned Itinary of the India Tour

As mentioned in my last post I am flying to Mumbai to begin the ride. However I will not be breaking from the ride to go to Australia, but instead will fly out there at the end of the ride at either Kalkota or Dhaka Bangladesh.

The recipients benefitting from the ride has also changed.Having not heard a word from my original chosen organisation and with departure only 8-9 weeks away I am looking to find another worthy cause, of which I believe I have found. Details to follow.

Back to the ride. The bike which I buy will be a 125 cc and I have budgetted a meagre £300. I will sell the bike before I depart for Australia and donate the proceeds to the selected organisation. I have allowed six weeks to complete the ride and it will end as I say in either Kalkota or Dhaka. I have explored the possibility of riding all the way down to Singapore, but unfortunately, although the borders of Burma/Myanmar are open the prospects of riding a bike through there are non existent. see Myanmar

It is a shame as I would have loved to see this interesting country and also North Thailand, alas not to be.

I will be breaking each week down for more detailed reading prior to my departure.

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