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Friday, 27 September 2013

The India Ride for Project Mala

I said in my last post that I would be naming the new beneficiary for the ride once I had made contact with them and now I can reveal them as the project mala organisation.

If you have followed this blog before, you may remember that I have always been promoting or fund raising for childrens charities, such as unicef, bone marrow donors, or other child related issues.

I have chosen this organisation because of the work that they do to eradicate child labour in India by providing education for those children that may get forced into labour situations.

There are many ways we can help in this project one of which you can do right now by clicking here or the link on the right to donate whatever you can to assist the organisation cover their overheads.

The other way is by sponsoring a child's education. Details of how you can do this and to see how rewarding this can be, you will need to visit their website here

The ride I am undertaking will involve buying a small motorbike in Mumbai, due to time limitations preventing me from riding the Derbi. Once purchased it's a coastal ride all the way to Kalkota, before heading North West to Uttar Pradesh to donate the bike or the proceeds of it's sale to the project.

Do pay their site a visit and see what wonderful work this organisation is doing there.

Thankyou Harry

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